Grammar Lessons with the Farm

We are in the first year of implementing a Montessori program at my new school.  It’s January, and I just set up the farm in my classroom.  As I was working late the other night with another teacher, we were trying to get the grammar lessons organized and put out in a way that would make it easy for the child to be independent in getting the work.  As we were organizing it, we noticed that we needed to add a few lessons to the sequence.  Of course, not everyone would need to add these, but we felt it would be necessary.

Our farm included an object lesson on plural and singular nouns.  Easy enough.  After that though, it jumped straight to a word sort with singular and plural nouns. We thought it would be beneficial to also add a picture sort between these two lessons.

I created the picture sort, printed, and laminated it.  The kids loved it!  Of course, they love anything with authentic pictures.

The pictures are available on my TPT store below.  They are on sale for 90 cents for one more day!





Welcome Letter

Welcome to Creative Montessori Moments!  My goal is to use this blog to share Montessori experiences, lessons, advice, and anything else that pops up along the way.  I began teaching Montessori Primary in 2010 and I absolutely love it!  Each year I find new and different ways to present lessons and I look forward to sharing those here.  Being in a public Montessori school presents challenges at times, but Montessori can be successfully integrated into a public setting with hard work.

I’m hopeful that this blog will serve as a gathering place where you can not only learn something new, but also where you can share your experiences and advice too.

So welcome!  I hope you enjoy the journey.


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